“It’s unfortunate people don’t know how birds are raised or where their eggs come from,” says veterinarian Dr. Dan Wilson as he visits egg-laying chicken farms in the U.S. “There’s a misperception, people assume there’s a lack of care.” The birds that Dr. Wilson cares for are raised in various styles of houses including aviary-style and cage-style. “It’s in our best interest to provide our birds everything they need, that they’re well-housed and not mistreated,” he explains. “If birds were mistreated, they would not let eggs.”

Dr. Wilson, veterinarian at Rose Acre Farms in Indiana, examines the flocks in his care by handling some of the birds. “A bird lays an egg every day, we have to maintain their health,” he says. At the farm, he examines the birds’ body condition, bone condition, and fat condition – this at the farm that is second largest egg producer in the U.S. “We do everything we can to make sure our birds are healthy and content in their housing. If people could see what we do for our birds every day, they’d be as content as I am.”

Veterinarians On Call is presented by Zoetis and features vets on the job and their clients across the U.S. who volunteer to be filmed. Those appearing were not compensated to participate and the opinions expressed are theirs.

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